Alternative Initiatives for the Development of Africa (AIDA)
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Thanks to the experience of its senior management and international advisory board in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, AIDA has designed partnerships, structure and processes to bring together some of the best of companies to Africa, emphasizing rule of law and good governance.

Their combined past successes in structuring transactions has built their deep understanding of business environment and funding mechanisms. AIDA local knowledge and extensive African relationships is critical to identify and prioritise a high quality project pipeline.

AIDA focuses on interdependent projects. Its transactions are triggering the development of downstream activities, in agriculture, healthcare and education, to name but a few, generating future pipeline deals for itself and its strategic partners. AIDA seeks projects where technology will enable 21st century solutions, thereby leapfrogging the current infrastructure gap.

AIDA’s customers are the owners of the projects. Its revenues are based on success fees. To establish long run committment with its customers, AIDA also seeks equity ownership in the projects.

Targets countries are located in the East-West corridor of Southern Africa from Namibia to Mozambique, which offers a huge range of intra-countries infrastructure development initiatives, as well as in the countries in the Gulf of Guinea. Both regions benefit from land locked countries rich in minerals, that need access to the international markets through proper infrastructure.