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About AIDA

AIDA is an independent advisory boutique that brings together international investors, infrastructure companies, systems integrators, on the one hand, and African governments, private developers or concessions holders, on the other hand.

There are large infrastructure needs in Africa well documented by several reports that can be accessed in our Related Information section, in particular those by Ernst & Young. Despite improvements in governance, economic leadership and financing, little soft skills have trickled down into the deployment of these projects, although they  are well developed in the North or in  emerging Asian and Latin American markets..

Of key importance are the issues of ICT integration, stakeholder alignment, project management, quality assurance, internal controls, performance support, localization, and employee training focusing on job creation. AIDA has systematically sought partnerships with key players in these fields to ensure that the projects will enable leapfrogging solutions.

Furthermore as China, India, South Korea  and Brazil benefit from over twenty years of building their own domestic infrastructure, they have a unique technical expertise dedicated to emerging markets. As is the case in Africa, they  have been building their infrastructure to support  new consumers market and for trading of goods around their region. Those countries current excess capacity have created major opportunities for  their top infrastructure companies to deploy their skills to international sales, and in turn to work in Africa.

Combining its innovative system integrators partners and large infrastructure companies, AIDA will focus on three sectors: construction, transportation and energy,  through PPPs or BOTs.
It is AIDA’s philosophy that soft skills and business ethics are fundamental to economic growth, and reduce the risk associated with many foreign projects by creating jobs for the local communities that interact with the new projects from the very beginning. A successful integration reduces the risks of the project and increases the long-term benefits to the local communities. AIDA’s projects support local entrepreneurs around the project site to develop sustainable SMME’s bringing practical solutions to operational issues.

Established in Botswana, home to SADC headquarters, and one of the lead African countries for governance, AIDA will facilitate much-needed infrastructure in the East-West corridor from Namibia to Mozambique. Secondly,  AIDA will focus on the Bay of Gabon with some of West and Central Africa. There is some market presence in several countries (see map below).


AIDA's Areas of Operations

Noteworthy Facts

  • Even with improving business conditions, Africa annual infrastructure financial gap is still $60bn.
  • The World Bank, the OECD, the European Union as well as Ernst & Young and McKinsey, have extensively documented the renaissance of Africa. Their reports all point to Africa as the fastest growing economic region both in infrastructure and in consumer goods.
  • BRICS & Middle East countries can use their financing capacity and technical expertise to select quality and mutually beneficial infrastructure projects.
  • AIDA benefits from the relationships of its senior management and from the knowledge of its international Board of advisors to bring exceptional stakeholders together.
  • AIDA is headquartered in Botswana, a country with sound governance, created by Botswana founding fathers and secured by their successors, as recognized by the prestigious Mo Ibrahim award given to President Mogae in 2009.

AIDA’s priority project investments are in energy generation, transport infrastructure, and urban development, where additional funding can leverage the number of opportunities.

AIDA is a member of the “Botswana Investment and Trade Centre”, securing supportive tax incentives for industrial and export activities. AIDA’s academe division is a member of the “Botswana Innovation Hub”, benefitting from and contributing to the emergence of collaborative transversal initiatives.